All National College of Chemical Engineering of Mulhouse (ENSCMu) students must go abroad during their studies. They may complete an intership or take part to academic exchange programme with one of ENSCMu’s 40 international partners.

Academic exchanges in final year

Students who graduate from ENSCMu and students coming from a partner university have the possibility to:

  • complete a double degree with the partner university of Toledo, USA or Chicoutimi, Quebec.
  • spend a semester as an exchange student in one of our partner universities – FITEC programmes in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, “Erasmus +” programmes in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain…, other bilateral programmes in the UK, in Japan… – or at ENSCMu for incoming exchange students.

Internships in laboratories or with companies

First-year placement, second-year research internship, third-year engineering internship can be done abroad.