The wolrd of work is strongly involved in the programme.

Professionnals are involved through the lectures they provide as well as their commitment to the school board, the organisation of conferences and events with companies and engineers graduated from the National College of Chemical Engineering of Mulhouse (ENSCMu), or the fact that many partners take on ENSCMu students as interns….



The companies taking on our interns assess the quality of their work after they have completed their internship. They are satisfied with their collaboration with ENSCMu engineering students. Indeed, after the third-year internship, supervisors rate their ENSCMu interns’ professional and intellectual abilities as “excellent” and “good”  in 90% of all cases. – Analysis of the 2017-2018 third-year internship assessment sheets.

In 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 the following companies recruited our students for their third-year internship: internship companies 2017-2019.