The National College of Chemistry of Mulhouse (ENSCMu), Friday March 6, Mr Hervé Humbert, Butachimie’s project director, gave a €20,000 grant to the foundation of ENSCMu. This grant is meant to support the school in its actions and development projects for the 4 years to come. The grant has been given to Mrs Béatrice Molac, President of the foundation, in the presence of Mrs Jocelyne Brendlé, ENSCMu’s head and Mr. Bernard Meyer, President of the school council .

Butachimie is a longstanding partner, by way of welcoming engineering students for internships or factory tours, recruiting graduated students or supporting actions of scientific mediation provided by engineering students in schools. This grant given today by Butachimie is therefore the result of a lasting partnership.

The grant of 20,000 euros will be broken down into 5,000 euros per year for 4 years. It will contribute to many actions and projects concerning the development or influence of the school, especially regarding training (the welcoming of speakers, or the purchase of materials for practical work for example), scientific mediation (creation of a dedicated room, financing of recreational and educational projects…) and preparation of the ENSCMu bicentenary celebration in 2022.